About Us

Pioneer Fund combines capital, expertise, connections, and support from 200+ Y Combinator alumni. All of us have invested in Pioneer Fund.

As founders, we have raised over $1B in aggregate funding, and achieved over $7B in total market valuation. We can connect founders to potential investors, customers, & partners, and provide strategic advice and guidance.

We are all founders first.

All verticals and geographies

Our team consists of founders from companies in every field. We are interested in the future.

We don't invest based on what other investors are doing. We look at each startup as its own unique challenge and opportunity.

Quick decisions

We are founders first and know how painful a drawn out process is for founders. We endeavor to make decisions within 48 hours after meeting with founders. We invest in YC companies, YC alumni, and non-YC companies. For YC companies we can invest before, during, or after a batch.

Power of the network

With backing from 200 YC alumni and limited partners throughout the world, we have connections to industries and regions that we can use to help our portfolio founders grow and expand.

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