• About us

    We pool capital and expertise from 175+ Y Combinator (YC) alumni to invest in startups and leverage the unique domain knowledge and networks of the YC alumni community.

    • We invest in YC and non-YC companies.
    • For YC companies, we are willing to invest before, during, and after a YC batch.
    • Average initial check size $200,000 to $300,000
    • Ability to follow-on with investment.

    YC alumni

    YC alumni advisors and investors

    Our 2 General Partners, 17 Senior Venture Partners, and 160+ Venture Partners are all YC alumni who invested their own capital into Pioneer Fund. All of us have a vested interest to be highly responsive and help our portfolio companies succeed.


    Quick decisions

    We make investment decisions quickly after meeting founders.


    Experience and expertise in every field

    Our team has deep expertise around scaling seed-stage startups across Hardware, SMB, Ed/Gov, Healthcare, Emerging, Dev Tools, Enterprise, Marketplace, Finance, and Consumer.


    We are founders too

    We are all founders and, in aggregate, have raised over $1B USD in funding, achieved over $7B USD in total enterprise valuation, and run 10+ companies valued at over $100M. We can connect founders to potential investors, customers, suppliers, & partners, and provide highly-relevant strategic advice and guidance.

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